The Rooms



The Villa Room

The most special luxury we have at Areeya Phuree is The Villa. Situated at the heart of the room is a four poster bed, perfect for honeymoon couples and a small family. The Villa It has two seperate rooms. You can enjoy the large area of greennery surrounding The Villa with a peaceful pond at the front or a choice of the view of the Maekok River. You will wake up with a smile on your face, upon the sweet sound of nature greeting you every morning during your stay here at Areeya Phuree Resort.





The beds are overed in clean crisp pure cotton beddings in modern graphic print balancing out nicely with the wooden and bamboo interior of the furniture.


The pebbles and stones in the bathroom keeps up with the elements and keeping the overall feel of your stay in harmony with nature, both inside your lodging area and outside.
Details of The Villa:

* has a large four poster bed.
* breakfast included.
* 1 spare room for another guest.
* large living room area.
* luxury bathroom with cooling pebbles.
* hot shower.
* large balcony area.
* access to wi-fi.

Price: 5,500 baht.




The Superior Room

With the Superior Room experience, you are staying right by the swimming pool with the view of the mountains. A perfect setting for spending your day lazing in the sun longer with your favourite book. The Superior is spacious, comes with two single beds and ensuite bathroom. There is a huge living room area, in which the the pool sits just outside the door. The superior room's interior is decorated in wood and natural materials ensuring your surrounding living area has the relaxed and tranquil feel.

Breakfast is included.




Further Details of The Superior:

* has two single beds.
* breakfast included.
* spacious living room area.
* luxury bathroom with cooling pebbles.
* hot shower.
* access to wi-fi

Price: 2,500 baht.



Hostel Style Accomodation

We offer limited hostel style accomodations starting at ฿225 per night. This inicludes shared sleeping areas and bathrooms with shower.